Cofome, LLC is an organization that exists to serve the Church by offering community, resources, and consultation for use in the work of evangelization. 

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Eric Gallagher has been working for the church since 2003. Since then he has served at both the parish and diocesan level. He currently serves as the Director of Youth Discipleship & Evangelization for the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls. Why Cofome? Since 2007 Eric has had a passion for developing resources and sharing his insights and experience online through blogging, podcasts, online courses, etc. Over time the number of projects and resources has grown and so has the work that it takes to manage and maintain these efforts. So much so that it required the starting of this business. What does Cofome mean? Cofome is an abbreviated version of our Lord's calling to us to become His disciple. Come, Follow Me! What does Cofome do? In short, Cofome is an umbrella business that holds several different projects and initiatives at a time. 


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Your financial support will allow me to dedicate more time to the work that I love while also being able to pay for the help in the areas that I am not. In short, you are supporting my family, my work, and all of the projects associated with Cofome. The best way to support me is to become a Patron through Patreon. For as little as $3/month you can get regular updates on the work happening through Cofome as well as many other great benefits.  

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