God had bigger plans than DiscipleshipYM.com

All of the content from DiscipleshipYM.com has been integrated into a new and more broader site devoted to discipleship.

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The blog was the heart of DisciplehipYM.com. Don't worry, we've kept nearly all of the blog posts from the site. Many have been moved over to ComeFollow.Me in the youth ministry section of the site. Others will be reproduced in other ways.

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Why the Change?

That is a great question! The response to my work with DiscipleshipYM.com was humbling and even overwhelming at times. I am truly grateful for those who have purchased the book, went through the trainings at DiscipleshipTraining.com, and especially to those of you who have sent little email thank you's for a blog post that struck you or for something helpful you found on the site. These are things that are continual reminders to me that God is using my little efforts to to impact lives deepen the discipleship efforts in the Church.

The short answer to "why the change?" is that God is asking something new of me. I do not know exacly what the new site at ComeFollow.Me will grow into, but every time I offer my hobby of blogging and web sites to God, He increases my passion for contributing to the Church in this way. I look forward to the journey and hope that you'll join me.

Eric Gallagher

Eric Gallagher Founder of DiscipleshipYM.com